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We are the workers of this company "person" and he steal our money he ask us to work fir about 2months and he won't pay at the end saying that the people "customers" didn't pay him he said i call you all as soon as i got everybody money and we still waiting it's been 1month and he won't showing up to explain nothing we are frustrated thanks to him we all are in debt.. Sorry people if yall have too read this but we are hard working people to be treated like this we would like to have our money pay which us $4000 dollars.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1006959

1) Please file a "CRIMINAL" (not a "civil" one) police report in the city in which the theft happened.

2) Then contact

Guy Helms

Detective-Financial Crimes

Rowlett Police Department 4401 Rowlett Rd. Rowlett, Texas 75088 Desk-972-412-6274 Fax- 972-412-6261 Detective Helms knows this Prado guy all too well.

They have indicted him and Prado has warrants for his arrest in Denton, Lewisville, Tarrant, and Dallas county. That means that he's a wanted man and we can help the police catch him if we setup a way for him to come out in the open so that the police can grab him.


Does anyone know where he lives? He owns me alot of money. (972) 302-7172 that's the number he has now....

to The Devils angel #924232

I dated him too and he had me get him tvs and then.forged my name to one, claims they were stolen and now they want the money from me. He's a liar, cheater and theif.

to Anonymous #925321

What is his address??

to The Devils angel #925317

972.302.3555 is the # I have now for him.

to The Devils angel #1013879

He moves back and forth from Motel 6 on Beltline and 30 in Garland, TX and America's Best Hotel on 30 and Beltline Garland, TX. His current # 972-876-0448.

Dallas, Texas, United States #813177

This is all true he is a complete fraud!! Unfortunately I had to find out the hard way.

We were in a relationship and I heard excuse after excuse as to the justifications for his stupidities!!! Please do not release any money, checks or PayPal to him!! He will take your money and run!!

He changes his phone numbers very often so that he can hide from you all!! His current number is 682-551-7331

to anonymous 2222 #1013881

972-876-0448 is the current number!


Contact your state Department of Labor. They should help.


Omen that's really bad hope y'all got you moneys :sigh :(

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