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Joseph E. Prada (or Joseph E.

Prado) agreed to install laminate floors on the second floor in my mom's house - a total of 800 sq feet. The total work was estimated at $1,500. In addition Joseph suggested to change the old decking and replace it with plywood. He estimated material cost at $1,400 which included 45 sheets of plywood, 220 feet of baseboards, 20 rolls on insulation.

The workers worked for 1 day, and as it turned out later (based on conversation with one of them), Joseph pushed them to finish work fast in living room asap and not replace the old decking. He told them to lie to me and tell me that the new plywood was installed and that insulation was put throughout the living room. Joseph refused to provide any checks for the materials and all I have in my house is the 8 sheets of plywood and the total mess and unlivable condition.

Btw, a construction engineer who came yesterday to estimate the damage told that the plywood was not supposed to be used upstairs at all as it can cause damage to the foundation of the house.

I want to warn all who is thinking of hiring J&S construction - please don't give them your money upfront even for materials and please look carefully at the work because this guys is dishonest. I trusted him because he claims to be a true Christian on his website but he turned out to be a biggest *** I ever met in my life.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1248547

His full name is Joseph Emmanuel Landeros Prado, his "new" company is "Patron Renovation and Construction". Everything is in this site is true.

He is looking woman in POF (Plenty of fish) even he has a girl he leaves with her. Be careful he is a big scamer.

He has nothing on his name, he plays being very catolic, even he plays to be a very good son but use everybody to change the checks you give them. He doesn't pay his workers either.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1111430

I'm sorry that happened to you. you should never give money before the end of the job.

When you work as a contractor, you have to cover all expenses. if you do not like the work, no pay.

But if you give money before you start. mmm if a big problem ..


He is out now. Attention!!


I was also ripped off by a 'contractor'. I'm out $100k.

I filed a lawsuit but then found out he has no assets to sue over.



And here are the details of his 10/06/15 arrest from DallasCounty.org:

* 3 Charges of THEFT.


Theft and possession of *** usually do go together!


He's now been arrested, again! :)


to Anonymous #1046105

And here are the details of his 10/06/15 arrest from DallasCounty.org:

* 3 Charges of THEFT.


Theft and possession of *** usually do go together!


*Workers who didn't get paid even agreed amount

*Not returning phone calls

*Shows up, takes check, cashes it and the consumer *** begins.

*Current warrants for his arrest in four counties.

*Mug shot and the last three charges THEFT BY CHECK here:


Dallas, Texas, United States #1006943

He goes by several names but his real name is Joseph Emmanuel Prado.


Emmanuel Prala

Emmanuel Prada

Emmanuel Proda

Joseph Landeros Jose Sanchez DOB: 02/14/1976 SSN: 449-57-4772 He is a tall Hispanic male. Mugshot: http://texas.arrests.org/Arrests/Joseph_Prado_18102921/ 1) Please file a "CRIMINAL" (not a "civil" one) police report in the city in which the theft happened.

2) Then contact Guy Helms Detective-Financial Crimes Rowlett Police Department 4401 Rowlett Rd. Rowlett, Texas 75088 Desk-972-412-6274 Fax- 972-412-6261 Detective Helms knows this Prado guy all too well.

They have indicted him before and Prado has warrants for his arrest in Denton, Lewisville, Tarrant, and Dallas county. Companies that he operates under: RJP Renovations & Construction 2031 John West Rd, suite 110 Dallas, TX 75228 RJP Renovations & Construction 1005 Americana Ln #2007 Mesquite, TX 75150 J&R Remodeling J&S Remodeling 7136 Rothland St, Dallas, TX Various phone numbers associated with him: 972-876-0448 214-601-8836 (Dominick) 972-302-3555 972-302-7172 682-551-7331


This Joseph I have read all the *** that you put on here and all of this is not true I have always paid my guys what I tell them I'm going to pay them. now it's a different thing when they want me to pay them what they want and they don't get what they want so they tell the customer what they want to tell the customer.

and as for your customers we say we didn't do stuff at your house and you fire us by the guy Rowlett we start the demo we did everything he wanted and just because Ricardo wasn't there for the demo but he was going to be there for the tile to lay it down he didn't want to do any more work there that's a problem with customers like yall, yall don't tell the whole truth and I and I have pictures to show it. I have plenty of customers are happy with what we have done in their home and also have plenty of Worker they're happy working for me . now the guy out of Wylie you got upset because I gave you a good price and you wanted to add stuff to it and me not change that price.

I'm not scaming anybody and I'm not taking advantage of ,anybody that's sad that you only till which I want to tell and it said that you're putting down as anonymous I'm coming on here saying it's me not trying to hide behind anonymous so to get it all out there Dominick has nothing to do with my company he is not my son or my stepson Ricardo has nothing to do with my company both of them are no longer working for me. so I'm not hiding from anybody I'm coming on here and letting everything out it's sad that y'all can't tell the whole truth and as far as getting Worker from Craigslist yes they call me asking me for work I asked for the experience they show me their experience and they work some of them are crooked and some of them are very good at what they do and like I said I always pay my guys what I tell them I'm going to pay them not what they want and if they go back until the customer I didn't pay them that's on the customer not on me I have receipt of every payment I've given to the guys and as far as a new SUV you are very mistaken it is a 2008 suburban with over 200,000 miles on it and I am making payments on it

to Anonymous #1583597

You've been caught and by the grace of God will not be allowed to screw anyone else out of their hard earned money!

to Anonymous 1 #1584381

He just got me about 2 weeks ago he is out of jail


I found this link on CL regarding the hiring of "workers" for their "company": http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/lbg/5035702431.html

Dominick, who I think is his step son, has his number on here. He should be bombarded with calls and texts with complaints as well: 214-601-8836.

This is the last number I had of this Manuel trash: 972-876-0448.

I wish I had seen his mugshot prior to hiring him for a job. Everytime I see his ugly face now I feel irate.

Ticks me off that the one time I saw him he was driving a brand new black SUV. Most likely purchased that with all of our stolen money.

I for one would like to see this *** back in jail where he belongs.

to Anonymous Lewisville, Texas, United States #1003290

Is anyone from Denton county? I would like to find someone to go to Police too. Prado wa prosecuted in the Dallas county but looks like it didn't take him long to get out.


I too was scammed by this piece of human trash. Tried to stop payment on a check but that ended up causing more issues as I had to deal with the check cashing place and paying them back.

This guy is just a front and I don't even know if he does any of the work.

His "workers" are people that he pulls from Craigslist. He gives them no money up front and just assigns these people to do ugly work.

to Scammed #1002798

He takes money and never does any work. Some of the people he's hired including our contractor, never got paid!

to Anonymous #1002944

Are these comments current I also had him do some work and has no skilled labor people at all.

to Anonymous #1003220

half of these comments are current i believe. if you can get your money back, i'd do so immediately.

don't write him anymore checks.

if you have them doing something cosmetic like flooring or walls, keep a good eye on what is being done. the job they did for me was so ugly I had to pay someone to completely redo the job.


I too was recently scammed by this p.o.s. Compared to most people on this board, I didn't lose as much money.

I had some tiling done and he took my money up front and it was days before the job was started on. I kept calling and asking and he kept saying it'll get done. I wish I had seen this before I dealt with him. He goes by RJP Renovation & Construction.

I had no idea they find other people on craigslist to do the job. They basically go in, take the money, then outsource to other people, some who can't even do the job properly.


If you've dealt with them, you should try to contact Dominick who I think is his step son. The last number I have for Prado is 972-876-0448. Dominick's is 214-601-8836.

I don't know if they are both in on the scam, but talking to Dominick, he seems more responsive.

This trash needs to go back to jail.

Seeing his mugshot makes me sick. It irritates me that last I saw him he was trying a brand new SUV.

Woodside, New York, United States #995407

He is no longer in jail, we were scammed 05.01.15 and are in the process seeking legal help.

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